Announcing Partnership With One Education UK

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We are proud to announce a business partnership with One Education UK to teach UI/UX & Creative courses so you can up-skill in the comfort of your home! Everest has been teaching students from design school via Zoom through to private tutoring & video based learning & are very happy with this announcement to deliver high quality education that One Education expects.

What Will This Mean?


This will mean more longer online courses than we have done before with more in-depth rather than “scratching the surface” made for the masses courses so we can really explore what different software and plugins can do, rather than tailoring to the masses for a quick snap shot of what the capabilities of these software for design & prototyping can really do. Essentially we can provide a better online experience and share more in-depth “ins and outs” of skills for people who seriously want to learn UI/UX.


Learn the basics right through to more advance approaches to UX/UI online, through the One Education UK Portal. We will take you step by step in our upcoming courses for the long term. We are into making sure you have the skills you need in-line with One Education’s unique positioning in the online education space. Learn from a variety of different designer’s experience.


English will be the main focus on course delivery format however guest designers and creatives around the globe will teach in different languages and some courses will be translated as well.

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